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Using Google Trends to optimize your ads

Publicado: Dom Sep 06, 2020 7:49 am
por ritcha

Effective ad management requires continuous learning and testing for optimization. To understand how social platforms are changing You can use Google Trends search data to create ads.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool. To specify a specific search popularity Easy to use tools All possible data are compared.

Why is Google Trends important?

For advertisers, Google Trends can be a powerful resource for understanding what people want to learn more about. Or what services people are looking for Which advertisers can modify their offers to meet the needs of the people

Searching for "Facebook Ads" vs. "Instagram Ads" in Google Trends
The two search terms compare between “Facebook ads” and “Instagram ads”. In general, searching for Instagram ads is less popular than searching for Facebook ads.

Comparing Google's Search “Ads” on Different Social Media Platforms.
Add social media platforms to compare the same advertising research terms.
The overview above shows that the search popularity of "Google Ads" is twice as large as "Facebook Ads". You can export comparisons and calculate the correlation between words.
Related search terms
We can see that How does “related search” differ between search activity for different social platforms? Google Trends defines “related search terms” as “people who search for your keywords also search for these terms” with a definition. Added that “The most frequently searched terms with the words you entered in the same search session within the selected country or region category.”

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Re: Using Google Trends to optimize your ads

Publicado: Jue Sep 17, 2020 9:07 am
por lormper
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Re: Using Google Trends to optimize your ads

Publicado: Mar Nov 03, 2020 8:35 am
por vraanesh