The history of online slots

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The history of online slots

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Online slots, or nowadays, were created in the form of online gambling, known as online slots, is another developed from slots. The birth of that slot It has a very interesting history. Because it has been played for a long time Play anywhere in the world. But it is very popular in the United States to play slot machines. Originally there would be a gambling machine with 3 reels.

It was built by German engineer Charles Fey. joker In a 1887 suburb of San Francisco, California, the first machine consisted of three reels that consisted of five symbols: horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and bells, with the first having a different name. From the present, that is the Liberty Bell. How to play online slots before it came out in the form of an online casino.

For players to put coins and press a button or a lever, the circle will spin, which time calculates whether the game won or not. By calculating the score from the symbol That appear in the front when the wheel spins. But at present it is instead of pressing the spin button Because it has been developed continuously since then But most of them are in the form of a cabinet. Come to the application for us to play there.

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Re: The history of online slots

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