What kind of exams are there in university level? What do we need to meet?

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What kind of exams are there in university level? What do we need to meet?

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We will take friends. Let's see how Including university-level exams What kind of exams will it have? Is it any different to the high school subjective and multiple-choice exams we've experienced?

Writing exams
Forget about high school subjective exams. This is because university-level subjective exams are known to be more difficult, such as open-ended questions or one big question. But in the big verses, there are 2 to 6 more sub verses and then give 1 answer booklet to write down all the contents of the knowledge. Which the answer is, it requires analysis, creativity, and memorization, as if the line is really cruel and true

Complete test
It's a test that seems to be simple. But there are some difficulties Must choose the correct answer Use the same principles as subjective writings in that answers require creative analysis. Put them into the gaps. The advice is to write modest responses, not be short, and don't respond too broadly than most questions work.

Multiple choice exam
It is called an exam that is considered okay. Because we have seen exams like this since we were young But there may be additions from time to time where you can choose to answer 2 questions, which must choose the correct answer for both answers to get the right score. One item doesn't score.

Home-made exams
Home-made exams Also known as Take Home, it is a writing or a small project that requires the highest level of ideas, knowledge and creativity for us to do, which may seem easy. But there is a lot of pressure. Because it is both a grade and a grade, and of course when you can make it at home. It has to be checked for errors even more.

This is another exam that we have come across in high school, such as pre-school / post-study quiz, that is to say, you have to pay attention to the class in order to get a beautiful Quiz score, which some quiz subjects count as a percentage of the cut score. Grades too

Open book
Many of you might wonder if getting a book into the exam room is it going to be difficult, but I can tell you that it's difficult because sometimes the answer might not be in the textbook. Therefore, we need to use the power of imagination, analysis, and memory to help. Including the open book exam, which may be for writing any formulas You can enter the exam room in the amount of A41 paper.

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