"Knee pain" may be more vulnerable to disease. "Osteoarthritis"

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"Knee pain" may be more vulnerable to disease. "Osteoarthritis"

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"The knee" acts to support the body weight most Joker of the time. Whether it is walking, standing, sitting or doing various activities. In everyday life All affect the knee, such as squatting, squatting, squatting on a regular basis Exercising, playing sports or slipping a fall All of these can cause knee problems of all ages and genders. And if left untreated, it can lead to osteoarthritis and other pathologies.

The function of "knee joint"
Dr. Pakapon Isornkraiisin, Laparoscopic Surgeon, Knee and Shoulder Surgery Sports Medicine Doctor Institute of Sports Medicine and Exercise Bangkok Hospital said that the knee consists of the thigh bone. The shin bone also contains important organs such as cartilage and knee fluid. That serves to support the movement of the knee. There is also a ligament around Joker the knee and the anterior cruciate ligament inside. Which helps stabilize the knee and herniated disc Which is an organ that serves to support the impact around the knee Help absorb and distribute force from body weight.

"Knee pain" may be more vulnerable to disease. "Osteoarthritis"
Knee pain can arise for a number of reasons, including

Ligament if it is used repeatedly, such as an athlete with repeated knee use. It can result in hard work of the lumbar ligament, causing inflammation, or an accident while playing sports or practicing severe concussions from a sporting event. The knee was twisted. May cause ligaments around the knee Or torn anterior cruciate ligament Resulting in pain and swelling in the knee Knee joints become unstable
Cartilage is also a common cause of knee pain, such as the cartilage of the patella, which may be associated with the inflammation of the patella tendon. Caused by repeated use Or have repeated bumps Until causing inflammation Or wear and tear on the cartilage area Or the knee bend Squatting regularly Using the knee joint when walking up and down the stairs Together with the overall muscles of the hips And Joker legs are not strong enough Can cause the patient to have knee pain If the injury is severe The cartilage may slip. Can be scrubbed in the knee joint (Loose Body)
Meniscus: Problems of the herniated disc can be caused by deterioration of the herniated tissues with age. If left untreated The cartilage is rubbing against each other. Continued wear and tear Can become osteoarthritis
Other causes such as falling or slipping are wrong. May cause the already degenerated disc herniation to be more severe But in younger people Do not have problems with herniated disc If in an accident Or injury from playing sports Is the cause of the herniated disc And can have knee pain as well at all ages

Osteoarthritis will also have pain. Most often, it starts with pain in the knee joint. If the symptoms get worse It will cause pain throughout the knee, which causes osteoarthritis may be caused by injuries of various parts of the knee such as ligaments or herniated discs. And was left without immediate treatment

Diagnosing the disease from "knee pain" symptoms

Most knee Joker pain symptoms overlap, unable to directly identify symptoms. The doctor may assess the patient's symptoms and make a diagnosis through taking a history and further physical examination. But if a serious knee injury is suspected, an additional MRI can help determine the severity and diagnose the symptom. If the patient has symptoms such as

Abnormal knee pain or pain Experiencing problems with stretching of the joints Symptoms are stretching, not bending over, unable to stand or put on weight Or not fully
Pain, swelling, heat in the knee position It is a sign of inflammation of the knee.
Persistent pain, persistent pain, no improvement in home remedies or rest, decreased walking, or activities that affect the knee joint do not improve Should hurry to see a doctor
Treatment of knee pain from a torn herniated disc
Current treatment for knee pain from a torn herniated disc Using a laparoscopic surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, which causes many types of tearing, such as shedding, indentation, longitudinal tear, or tearing, scrubbing and rubbing against the knee bone causing people to feel pain. Or scrub when moving knees The tear depends on many factors. Patients may experience a herniated disc in one or more forms.

The treatment will be stitched with a laparoscopic device. The doctor will drill two to three small surgical incisions in the knee (depending on the rupture of the herniated disc) to help the wound to be small, hurt less, and lose blood. Less injury to tissues around the knee, the patient recovered quickly. After the surgery, the doctor will give the patient physical rehabilitation. Reduce pain and Joker swelling Overall leg muscle exercise Practice doing knee stretches, walking, or using an Alter - G machine to help restore the muscles and balance the gait. The physical and exercise programs for each patient are different. It depends on the symptoms.

Knee pain prevention Prevention can be done by exercising strong muscles. Pe

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